Tuesday 23 August 2011

Love Your Layout: May 2011

Thanks to CTMH Corp for this video!

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Are you one of those women who would love to scrapbook but find that you just don't have the time or space to do it?  Have you thought to yourself... "I need to do something with my pictures but I REALLY don't want to drag everything out, just to get started then have to clean EVERYTHING up again to make dinner..."  Then you discover that your curious little one has made a discovery of her own... INK!  PAPER! PICTURES!  ARGH!!! Then you think to yourself... "If only there was a way that I could still scrapbook but not have to take the time to bring it all out and put it all away again..."  Next thought... "Boy it would sure be nice if somehow I could do it online..."
Enter Studio J .... the online website from Close to My Heart.  Studio J makes it SO EASY to preserve your memories and you can create a 2 page layout in just 30 min!  It's so easy... ANYONE can do it!  The paper kits are all there on your screen, your layouts appear right on the screen, and you decide how to put it together.  You can even add embellishments just like "manual" scrapbooking!  If you're anything like me, all your pictures are stored on your computer or memory stick anyway; so why not apply them right on your layout immediately?  Hey... it saves you from ordering dozens of prints only to find that none of them really work for the colors, or the layout right?  Best of all.... You can save your work when your children need dinner and clean up is as simple as turning off the monitor!
That's just one more way that a Close to My Heart Independent Consultant can show YOU how!
So what are you waiting for?  Call or email me and let ME show YOU how!
Follow the Studio J link below and see how Studio J works!  Trust me... You'll love it!
Studio J blog | Art Gallery : Studio J Online Design Software : Close To My Heart

Yours Truly,
Tina :)