Thursday 27 October 2011

November came early for CTMH customers!!

So... CTMH has yet another AWESOME deal for all our beloved customers!!  It wasn't supposed to go "live" until November 1st but we love you all so much, we decided November could start now!! (Or, you could say the promo started earlier ..if you're not ready for November yet!)
So here's the deal....For every $25 worth purchased in Acrylix Stamp Sets, you get a full D-size stamp set for ONLY $5.00!!!  That's right... $5.00! Amazing... All your Christmas Cards could be handmade by you with love, for ALL your family members!  I am ordering tonight so I can get my hands on this awesome stamp set ASAP!  Oh... I almost forgot!  As a bonus, some of the stamps included in this set are also compatible with the Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge also!
Now, keep in mind, this stamp set is only available until November 30, AND it is not available anywhere else for any other price!!  This is it Ladies!!  One month - Special Edition - Exclusively here with Close to My Heart!!

Monday 24 October 2011

One week left!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Beautiful Fall Weather as we are!  We had temps of 12degrees today :)  Anyone who knows MB weather will know how great this is for end of Oct!!  LOL 
Now, having said that; there is only 1 week left to get the FAB FREEBIE deal with Close to My Heart!  You can get approx $400 worth of goodies for only $99 plus sh + tax...!!! WOW!! That is an AWESOME deal!!  Even for a hobbyist, where could you get up to 7 stamp sets, 5 ink pads, 2 FULL color-coordinated paperpaks, AND embellishments for only $99 CDN???  Let me answer that for you... NOWHERE but Close to My Heart!
You can check out my website @ and click on Your Opportunites to get all the details!!  I would love to have YOU join me in this awesome, work from home opportunity!  It doesn't get any better than making your own hours, making new friends, all while "SCRAPBOOKING"!!! 
You can always email me @ with any questions you may have!  I'd be happy to discuss the options and opportunities available to you!


Also ending Oct 31, the Stamp of the Month for October.  How much do you spend on Christmas Cards and Gift Tags every year??  Well myself for example,  7 siblings (some married, some single) plus parents and 4 siblings-in-law (all married) plus the parents-in-law X $5 per card = $75!!! WOW!  This year I am making ALL my Christmas cards myself, with the October Stamp of the Month.  With any purchase of $55 (or more)  you too can own this cute lil' stamp set and make your own Christmas cards as well for ONLY $5.50 (plus tax + ship).  

All the cute lil' stockings, the trees, the sleigh, and a few sentiments, 18 stamps in total for $5.50 with $55 order, OR you can purchase this stamp set on it's own for $19.95 (plus tax + ship)  Not bad at all!!
Visit my website @ for more details or to shop online!  And again, you can always email me @ with any questions you may have, and I will absolutely help you out as much as I can!!  Look forward to hearing from you all!!

Happy October All!!!

Thursday 6 October 2011

My very first EVER 3D Cardstock Cake!

Hello there,
Thanks for stopping by "One woman'scrap".  You'll have to forgive me as updating my blog hasn't exactly become routine for me yet.  One day folks... one day :)
Anyhow, let me show you what I have been working on lately!  I'm so super excited!!  It's my very first 3D Cardstock Cake!!!! Yay!!! Do I sound excited yet??? Can you feel my energy??!!! It wasn't actually as hard or time-consuming as I had first thought it to be :)  Which is always a bonus... Don't you love when that happens?  I had been putting this cake project off for some time now, purely out of fear of the unknown...

A co-worker mentioned to me in passing conversation that her birthday was coming up and because of her weight loss plan; she couldn't even have birthday cake!  Well let me tell you... this woman is AMAZING!! She has stuck to her diet; kept her temptations at bay; and has willpower I can only dream about having!  So only thing for me to do was to make her a cake right?!  LOL ... ur probably thinking "that's a pretty mean idea..."  But hey!  I didnt' say she could eat it... she could only look at it... So it has to be beautiful right?!
So.. here's the end result... I'm going backwards here simply because I can't wait to show you!!!

Pretty isn't it?  Now follow along and I'll show you how I made one of these gorgeous little cakes !!
First off, I HAD to get one of these FABULOUS machines;I can't imagine how I went this long without one :)

You see that Cricut Cartridge?  That is BRAND NEW from Close to My Heart!  Yup...and it's available exclusively through CTMH Independent Consultants.  This cartridge has 700 designs on it!  Yes... 700!!  (Do any cartridges have THAT many??)  PLUS... when you order this cartridge, you also get 3 full size stamp sets AND 3 pages of chipboard dimensional elements that are all coordinating with images on the cartridge!  Amazing!!!!  OHHH and the best part?  You can have it all for $109.95 CDN.!!! Now THAT ladies is a steal!!!  I will let you know at the end of this post how to get one of these awesome cartridges :)
Ok... so if you're still with me...and haven't jumped to go get your hands on one of these cartridges... let's move on :)
So next step is to cut out all of the shapes needed to create your cake... and.... they will look something like this... 

When you cut your patterns on the Cricut, it will show you where you need to "score" it, so it will fold easier. For this project, I've traced out where your score lines should be.  
With this project, using the "pillow box" design you'll see the narrow, outside edge and that's where you'll want to apply a little adhesive and attach it to the opposite side on the next piece and once you have all 3 of the larger pieces attached it should look like so.... 

This is where the "scoring" will be appreciated... Your pattern will fold easily and then, you can go ahead and close off the ends to form a hexagon. Now my "cake" (trust me; it will be a cake), when standing, will have a whole lot of curves on top and bottom.  In each little "valley" at the end of each curve, I made a small cut so it was easier to fold over.  Then I folded over the top and bottom tabs (curves), so I had a surface to attach the top and bottom pieces. (See #1).  My cake now stands flat... well... sort of.  And the top has a gaping hole ... LOL ... Then I traced the hexagaon shape; either top or bottom, don't matter; on a piece of cardstock.  Make sure you are using the same color cardstock as the "cake layer" you're working on.  Then adhere your flat hexagon to the top and bottom of your cake layer.  (See #2).
Apparently, I forgot to upload a picture of the flat hexagon shapes.  Well, you probably get the point... it's a hexagon... that you traced :) 



Looks good doesn't it?!  Just kidding.. it gets better yet :)  
Ok, bottom layer of cake... Check!  
Now I went ahead and repeated the same technique with my second layer.  FYI...You can use any type of adhesive to attach your cake pieces together, layers and all. ( I used a little Tombow and a little Liquid Glass )

Like my Folgers can in the background?  They make awesome lil' scrap buckets... and they smell good too :)
By now I have 2 layers of the cake and onto the 3rd layer.  
Then comes the best part!  Making your flowers for the cake :)  These flowers and the tag all come from the Close to My Heart cartridge as well.  All the cutting is done for you and you just have to roll them.  How easy is that?!
You see some of the flowers I've already rolled and some of them are hot off the press :)  I like to "edge" all my flowers just to add a little depth and maybe a reality aspect to them. 

This is what the 3 layer cake looks like now... then you just add your flowers where you want them to go.  This is where i used the Liquid Glass.  The little silhouette of a flower came out of the tag that I cut on the Cricut as well, which in the end, I decided not to use on my cake.  (Put that one away for another project.)

And here is the end result of my 3D Cardstock cake :)  First ever and let me tell you.. My co-workers were amazed at the results!  That is what makes these little projects well worth it :)  Seeing that smile on someone's face ... 

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading.  I've been told a time or two (Lisa...!) that sometimes my instructions are a little confusing and I hope I haven't made it sound too difficult for you :)  I do not want to discourage you from trying one of these cakes...  It is late in the day.. (that's my story and I'm stickin to it!)
Hope you had fun!  If you have any questions please, please email me :)

Visit my website @ to order your exclusive, Close to My Heart Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge and to see all the other amazing products Close to My Heart offers!

Good night!