Friday 30 December 2011

Are the holidays really over?!

Wow!  In the blink of an eye, their gone!  The holidays that is... Well not quite gone yet as New Year's Eve is tomorrow.  One more blink and that will be gone as well :(
BUT!  With the ending of the holidays, means a New Year is upon us!  Yay!  That is a new start for me every year!  What are your New Year's Resolutions?  Do you make any?
I plan on being more organized to hopefully squeeze a few more hours out of one day!  With Pinterest a fave on my bookmarks bar, I have found a ton of amazing blogs, tutorials, and DIY projects I hope to one day try.  Not to mention all the organizing and homemaking bloggers I've found!  There are some really amazing and talented people out there!  I've added a couple of their blog buttons on my page here, make sure you check them out one day real soon!
So, with my organization goal for 2012, maybe I should start with the blog huh?  Not much to organize though as I don't make it here too often :(

Ok anyway, the new year hasn't started yet so I can still post a few pics of Christmas Cards I made right?
I did a card count in my head and I think I managed to squeeze out 20-something hand made Christmas Cards this season... AMAZING! (for me anyway...)  I'm sure there are thousands of people who've squeezed out hundreds more, but it's my first year so 20-something is Awesome!  LOL :)

Ok, all these cards are 4" x 6".  They are actually quite simple and thanks to my Cricut machine & Art Philosophy Cartridge, they didn't even take long at all!

This first picture is two of the shapes I used from the AP Cart, both are using the same button and both cut at 1 1/2".

Then I took the inside of the white square and stamped a Snowflake on it from my "Holiday Magic" stamp set.  I used the "Twilight" blue ink for this card.  It seemed to match nicely with my "Believe" paperpak that I used for the red/green/blue squares.  

Holiday Magic stamp set.

So there you see the (almost) finished project. I used 3D foam tape to make the squares "pop" from the page.

A bit of red velvet ribbon across the bottom (adhered to the back of inside cover w/liquid glass); and voila!  Card is finished.  Inside, I quoted a bible verse, Luke 2:11; and pasted a family picture on the inside as well.
The "gift" card beside it was actually even easier to make, as all I did was cut random sized squares out of my "Wonderland" paperpak (scraps actually) and adhered a ribbon to it topped with a bow.  Again, bible verse on inside & family pic!

The last card was actually a mess up... :(  But a mess up turned beautiful I think!  I had actually thought I could fit my picture on the back of the tag and done... Wrong!  I cut it too small....:(  Soooo, then came this idea of attaching it to a card base!  Woo hoo!!!  So after deciding how I was going to place this "tag" on my card; I stamped the tree shape stamp from my "Holiday Wishes" stamp set and 3D'd the tree over top!  Tied a little red velvet ribbon on top and stamped Merry Christmas & To You and Yours along the side and bottom of the tree!  ... And breathe.... LOL 

I guess you can't see where I've stamped the sentiments but Merry Christmas is stamped running down the left side of the tree & To You and Yours is stamped on the bottom sort of right corner of the tree.  
Christmas Cards Complete!  Now, my next project is to make a bunch of random Birthday Cards... I'm thinking the "gift" one above will make a nice birthday card as well... Hmmm... multi-purpose card!!  I LOVE IT!! 

Thanks for reading!  Check back soon!  (I promise, I will update more than once a month in 2012!)
God Bless you in your New Year!!!

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  1. Great job Tina, Keep it up! I love my Beautiful Christmas/Photo Card, Thank You!