Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Goodies :)

Hello Ladies (& gentlemen if any of you read this..)
Hope you've all had time to get some scrapbooking in .. I know I have!  And let me tell you, I am LOVIN' it!  3 evenings in this last week I've actually managed to work on some of my layouts, as well as a display album I'm working on for my desk.
I painted & stamped the cover of the album, and I've completed 6 pages (single-sided of course..), THEN, today I received my new stamps of the month and NEW catalogues for Autumn/Winter 2011.  Anyhow,  I'll be showing off the new catalogue and stamps of the month at my Open House, (date to be determined yet), in August of course.
Back to my album in the works... I thought about putting mini layouts on the one side of the page, and a month by month calendar on the flip (back) side, and now I've got a neat little stamp (te he he) that will help me do just that!  I will take pics of my album in the works and post them in the very near future!  I'm excited at all the amazing creations I can come up with... display albums, calendars, I've even come up with my own pattern ideas in my little book :)
Ok, I'm off to plan some more exciting things ... (top secret of course) for my Open House!!!  If anyone is interested in attending, please email to tinawolfe@myctmh.com and I will be sure to fill you in on all the details!
I also want to mention, the August Promo (as you see at the top of my blog), with ANY purchase totalling $55 or more, you are eligible to receive the Stamp of the Month  for ONLY $5.50...PLUS a FREE A-size "Typeface" stamp set for FREE.. Did I mention that?!  In case you're having "sticker-stock" right now.... I repeat... 2 STAMP SETS FOR $5.50 with a qualifying purchase :)  Gotta Love it!!  So gather up your girlfriends and scrapbooking buddies and get ready for a spectacular August!!!!!
Gotta go my friends, talk to you again soon!!

P.S. - Visit my website http://tinawolfe.myctmh.com and click "My Art" to see some of my scrapbook layouts.

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