Saturday, 16 July 2011

New catalogues + new stuff + lower prices??? = more fun workshops!

Hello again everyone!
Well, while most of the Close to my Heart consultants, directors, and leaders are out at convention (@ Disneyland!!!), I'm at home, reading all their posts and getting sooo excited at all the new products and pics I see :)  Then I realize... What an awesome past-time I have!!
I will upload some of my artwork for you all to see and make sure you check out the YouTube video at the bottom of my blog for some cool ideas! 
The ideas don't end there... contact me for a catalogue and see for yourself!  We've got everything and then some to get your memories preserved for a life-time!  Think... 10, 20, maybe 50 years down the road when you're sitting with your family looking at all your photo books; will you remember what's happening in the pictures?  Will you remember which baby is in this stroller?  What about how you all felt that day at that moment?  Take the time now to journal these memories so you can pass them on for generations to come!  Trust me, I have 3 kids and their ages are 9,7, & 4.  I have a hard time now already trying to figure out which baby is which daughter!  Pretty sad considering I'm only 30-something :) 
Well, this past week, I've made 2 cards for a very special anniversary, and helped a dear friend make another one.  I can't tell you how much fun it is to get together with friends and brighten up someone's day with a card!  One that you yourself put alot of love into!  I'll try to get pictures up of those as well.

Fun fact for the day... when making cards, lay the paper flat on your hand or tabletop and the paper should naturally curl.  If not, flip it over and look again.  One side will curl up slightly at the edges.  You want to work with that natural curl and make sure you fold your card base in that direction.  :)
Happy Scrapbooking All!!

Stay tuned for updates on the new supplies and new catalogue... There may also be some news of a new, lower priced start-up kit... Interested yet?  I know I am... and I'm anxiously awaiting my new catalogues :)
Nite everyone!

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