Friday, 1 July 2011

It's been a week...

Hello everyone!
Well it's been a week and I've accomplished absolutely NOTHING, in regards to my scrapbooking!  I suppose that's expected when summer begins right?  The weather has been beautiful and the kids are done school now, so naturally things get a little more hectic right? 
I did however, manage to get my Close To My Heart website going so be sure to check that out and the best part is... You can see the idea books, see some creative ideas, the kits and layouts, stamps etc.  And if you feel the urge... you can order right from there!  How easy is that?  I don't know about you ladies, but I would much rather shop online!  No kids whining in the store, no long line ups, no grouchy cashiers... you get the point :) 
So, what do you do once you've checked out the website?  You give me a call and we'll schedule a night for you and your friends to get together (at my house or yours) and we'll put together a plan of what you would be interested in creating.  Then I'll place the order for all the supplies and you invite all your friends, and we'll have such a great time creating whatever it is that you picked for your "gathering".  The best part is ... it's like no other "party" you've ever been to or hosted!  You know how it goes.... you book your party, you invite all your friends, you bake and prepare all kinds of munchies and drinks, the consultant comes and pressures all your friends to buy, buy, buy, before they've even tried any of the product!  You end the night feeling tired, and pressured to push your sales higher and higher and you have tons of food and dishes to clean up, right?  (insert apology here to all my friends who are consultants with other businesses... No offense meant to any of you!)  Well not with me!  That's where Close To My Heart is set apart from all the other home parties.  You DON'T do ANYTHING except invite people!  And it's called a "gathering" not a home party.  You don't make any munchies (after all you don't wanna dirty any of your creations right?)  I will show up on time, and we get started creating!  I will show you and your friends how to create and showcase ALL your precious memories in just a few hours, AND they'll leave with their masterpiece!  (The only cost involved is just a few dollars for the kit, that they get to keep!) 
Then, if you decide you and your friends would like to keep doing something like the gathering monthly, we'll set up a night once (or maybe twice) a month and do it over and over and over again!  Think about it... One night a month, no kids, just friends, and a whole lot of creating masterpieces!  And no pushing for you to get your sales higher and higher! 
Ask me how you can get started with a gathering or start up a monthly "workshop" for you and your friends!  And of course, there is always a bonus for the hostess!  (You don't even have to have the 'most-ess' of anything!) LOL ... ya I know... Lame joke :) 
Anyway, laundry is awaiting to be folded for this busy mom, and chicken breast is waiting to hit the grill, so I'll be back next week! 

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